Saturday, January 07, 2006

Creative Spark

I formed Starshyne Productions to provide a home for my creative work, to encourage the expression of my artistic spirit.

As a coach, I work with creative people who are chosing a unique path, one where the signposts have not been laid out as clearly as if they planned to be accountants or teachers. I help them design a life that supports their unique self and their creative endeavours. I am committed to doing the same for myself.

I've decided to start the year off creatively by participating in Swirly Girl Christine Miller's 52 Figments. Every week she's sharing a downloadable .pdf file with a question and a place for your answer, which you create and then mail back to her. You can be as creative as you like. Her first question is "What's your theme for 2006?" Mine is *2006 ~ The Year of Magic* and this weekend I'll be creating my sparkling response to send to her on Monday. She's going to post replies on her website, so join in and we can all see what themes are rippling through our world for 2006!

You can find Swirly Girl's 52 Figments at

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