Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dreamboards: Starting a Dreamboard Circle

Many of you have expressed an interest in creating your own Full Moon Dreamboard Circles, and I'd love to help. In a guest post last week Rachelle shared some fantastic strategies for getting started. One question that Melba asked was how did people get their dreamboard circles together? I'd love to share with you how I've been organizing groups ever since I was a teenager. It's simple, effective and pain-free (if you let it be).

Jamie's Top Tips for hosting an Event
  1. Decide what you want to do - in this case, host a dreamboard circle
  2. Find an ally, one good friend (or sister - thank you, Shannon!) who will definitely be there with you to have fun.
  3. Plan the event activities and get supplies.
  4. Set a date, time and place.
  5. Be generous in your invitations. Be inclusive.
  6. Host the event, knowing that at minimum you and your friend are going to have a great time together.
  7. Enjoy!
  8. Repeat.
Let me just say a bit more about #5.

Be generous in your invitations.
  • Let go of trying to decide in advance who would be interested or great for your group. Instead, be free and abundant in your invitations and trust that the right people will turn up.
  • Don't give up or be discouraged by sour or dismissive responses. You never know what seeds will be planted or are already stirring. The very people who poo-poo'd dreamboards just might join the circle one day.
  • Trust your intuition. Don't hesitate to invite someone you just met or only know slightly. If you'd like them to be there, make the invitation.
  • Let the invitation spread. Encourage people to bring a friend or pass along the invitation to anyone they think might enjoy making dreamboards or meeting new friends. Be open to who shows up.
  • Stay unattached to the guest list. If it turns out that your circle is just you and your friend, awesome! You're going to have a great time intimately sharing your dreams and sipping tea or margueritas.
You can absolutely create a Full Moon Dreamboard circle. Jennifer at Barefoot in the Sand took the leap and organized one for a Meetup group. No one had ever heard of dreamboards, so it will be quite an adventure for everyone! Best of luck, Jennifer. I know you'll do an inspiring job!

Full Moon Dreamboard Circles are powerful, creative communities, and I'd love to support you in creating one. I'm thinking it would be great to hold a free teleseminar on the topic. I'd share with you some Dreamboard Circle tips and you can ask me any questions you might have. Sound good?

NOTE: Our next online Full Moon Dreamboard Circle is on Tuesday, July 7th. If you're in the Toronto Area, you can join me for Dreamboard making on Sunday, July 5th. Click here for details. I can't wait to share the Full Buck Moon with you!


Jennifer said...

Thank You, Jamie! I also have extended the invite to people I work with, who are not a part of the Meet-Up Group I have. Even my fiance wants to join in too!!!

I have leanred many many years ago to detach from the invitations because you are right, you never know which seeds will take root and maybe one day I will have a full house, but if I don't, it's okay. I am having the best time organizing this!~

The journey is the best part!!

Janet said...

Yay! thank you. i was going to host one even before i saw this. and i'm glad to hear that you will be doing it on a sunday instead of the actual full moon. so much better for scheduling purposes. i'm off to plan!

Melba said...

Thanks for this post Jamie!
I think that I will try it some month. I am not sure if I am ready right now to be the one hosting. But I know that everything ALWAYS works out for the best!

Totally wish I could come to your Dream circle!!!


Sara said...

Thank you Jamie for sharing this information. I was just thinking the other day how I would love to have a dreamboard circle here in Calgary. I think I will give it a go. :)

LoLa said...

what a fabulous idea! I'm on it!