Saturday, March 21, 2009

Project 365 09 ~ Week 9

This week started with a surprise party for my mother-in-law's 60th birthday. I totally forgot my camera at home, so these bus tickets will have to immortalize the experience, lol.

Justin and I are continuing our commitment to cooking. With our kitchen reno starting April 1st, cooking will soon be on pause for a while.

I started coaching 2 wonderful, interesting, dynamic new clients.

I headed downtown to go to the Naturopath.

This year I'm being much more negligent about pulling out my camera. I was so wrapped up in a wonderful coffee with Genie Sea that I didn't even think about taking a picture until I was walking home.

And the tile madness continues. We went up to the tile store again, this time bringing home samples. It's amazing how many colour stories we're coming up with and then discovering that they're the same colours just in different places! It feels like we're miles away from making a decision.

Friday night, Shannon looking all fabulous in her new fedora. We kicked back over some chat and Chinese food. Just what I needed!

Project 365 is my attempt to capture a year in my life through a photograph a day. On Saturday's I'll post the week's pics. At the end of the year, I'll create a video of all these precious moments. Feel free to participate at any time. Yours can be Project 347 or Project 292. It's up to you. See the results of my Project 365 ~ 2008 here.


tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

my eyes tear just looking at those onions. I just love coming to your cyber-space anf poking around. The energy I get from this place is incredible. You have inspired me to create; my muse feels so happily stimulated. Many thanx!

I have started my own rendition of Project 365 ~ its called Project 287. I see my surroundings in such a different light. And I have a lot of fun taking and processing these pics.

DG said...

Wow, a month without a kitchen, I can't imagine! You're doing so great, looking at all the alternatives and figuring out what you want but I bet it's overwhelming. Great that you're getting out celebrating, having coffee and having Chinese food. Fabulous fedora Shannon!

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

What a nice week it looks like you had! I love the sidewalk drawing - you never know what you will find on the way eh?

I also really love the onion pic :)

I love my new fedora! I haven't wore it since then, maybe tomorrow.

Serena said...

Great pics, Jamie! Awesome shot of the onion....I really like Shannon's hat too! How exciting that your kitchen reno will be starting very soon. I hope it all goes very smoothly for you.

pink sky said...

love seeing all the little juicy bits of your life :) missed connecting with you. xo

Lissa said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful week. Someday I would like to join you for a day or 2. I promise to bring my camera if you shall have me. Of course I may need to borrow Shannon's Hat.(permanently:)

Genie Sea said...

I don't know you managed to make onions look tasty :)It must be my virus talking lol

I so need to put some batteries in my camera and start doing to same.

Coffee and chat was great! :)