Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday ~ Feb 19, 2009

Where do you wish to go?

Be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt above on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box below. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment saying “As (insert name) wishes for her/himself, so I wish for her/him also.” It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together.


Anonymous said...

How much fun, but very hard to limit. It is cold and rainy here today so it is the perfect day to wish to be somewhere else!

Gypsy said...

I had fun with this today! Thank You Jamie!~

Caroline said...

I can't get my comments to work on Pamela's blog - so I'm leaving my wish for her here:

As Pamela wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

sema said...

i am so happy to have found your's my wishes to see the world.
my dest wishes to all
thanks for looking

Sarah said...

Thank you Jamie this is a fun one!!!

Genie Sea said...

Oh MY! I forgot it was Wednesday again! Can I go for Thursday Wishcasting? :)

Peaceole said...

As Breedale, Gypsy, Caroline, Sema, Sarah, Genie Sea wishes for themselves, so I wish for them also.