Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 4: Where are you now?

The level 1 task today is the be the sacred observer, observing your thoughts and the situations around you without judging them as good or bad, just noticing.

Some of the things I noticed today:
  • My body is clenched, particularly my jaw, my face and my upper back.
  • I'm curling my body forward a lot, like I'm protecting my chest and belly.
  • I feel joyful when I'm out walking and observing the world around me.
  • My spine is straight when I walk.
  • Beautiful furniture stores catch my eye.
  • I notice the people around me.
  • I'm still wildly resistant to my morning pages, feeling all squirrelly inside and distracted by everything.
  • It means the world to me to have a friend.
  • I've left my stuff scattered throughout the house.
  • There's a yearning growing inside of me.
  • I'm not drinking much water.
  • I love the smell of fall.
  • I have some tears that want to be cried.
  • It's nice to be around babies.
  • Since I asked the Universe's help in moving me forward in my self-expression, all sorts of feelings are showing up, including age-old fears and frustrations.

And an observation offered to me by a wonderful friend:

  • I get so excited about and love my work and clients so deeply that I don't see that I also need time that's just for me and for my self-expression.

That gets me all choked up, so I know there's truth in there. I guess Sabine was my sacred observer today - thank you, Sabine.

This month I'm exploring Denise Linn's Soul Coaching with an inspirational group of bloggers at The Next Chapter: Soul Coaching.


miss*R said...

jamie, I love this post.. I always thought of you as 'together'- I always aspired to be like you(hope I am explaining this correctly) but you truthfully tell of your fears and struggles and that makes me feel so much more 'normal'.. I thought that I was the only one who struggles with fears but it seems I am only one of many.

I fill a jug with water and each time I have a drink, I say the affirmation for the helps.

miss*R said...

ps - I still think of you as 'together' I just could not think of another way to say what I just did :) xoxo

Fatma said...

Yesterday on her show on Hayhouse Radio Denise said that teachers teach about their own imbalances. Whatever she teaches is what she is needing to learn for herself.

Louise Hay once said that even teachers need teachers.

It is good to know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and it is by owning our shadows that we are able to shine our light more.

I understand where you come from. Thank you for sharing.

peppylady said...

Great list I'm not observed about my self.

Coffee is on.

creativehealinggoddess said...
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creativehealinggoddess said...

As Coaches we are so busy tending to others.

I have never been one of those super efficient/robot looking suited coaches made of steel.

Its better to be powerful with reflective moments than to be unreal.

5:39 PM

pen* said...

i love the way you have listed your observations of yourself. in some ways that seems so much more succinct, yet detailed, that journalling or writing at length about it...
it's always such an inspiration to read your posts and get your insight on the days task.

Sacred Suzie said...

That was such a sweet note from Robyn, LOL. You do have such a brave strong persona Jamie and I love the sensitive part of you too. I'm sad to hear about the tears, but that's OK. This is the week for letting them fall, if you want.

And I do hope that you find time just for you as well! And your beautiful art. I love your art! You studio is the coolest, I know when you give yourself time, you will make more there. Perhaps you should spend time collaging your morning pages instead? Just an idea!

ELLIE said...

I really admire how you put your observations - I may need to redo my post - did not approach it the same way!
Remember to take care of you!!

Tori said...

You seemed to make some wonderful observations today.

I'm sorry you are still feeling resistance to your morning pages. Maybe changing it up and collaging them like Suzie suggested would help.

Genie Sea said...

Would it help to call them the When I Feel Like it pages? :)

Often the child in us rebels, when the adult has something she must do. What does your child want to do? Enchant it! :)

freelittlebird said...

You really did a wonderful job as the observer today. Your mix of positive, negative and neutral observations shows the perfect attitude of detachment for this exercise.

Those were excellent suggestions for flipping virtues for me :) They were really quite inspired. Thank you so much for your ideas and kind words.

megg said...

You did a wonderful job of observing yesterday - wow - I didn't post because I didn't feel like I had really paid attention properly - but you have really inspired me a lot just now. I love your list and how you paid attention to yourSELF. I will push through and do it again today. Untangling the emotion is such a big thing - thank you for sharing yours and being such an inspiration!!


Nydia said...

I feel like you do know hw to be aware to everything around you! Like connected through invisible bonds to whatever crosses your way. I like that! This day exercise was a hard one to me, though. I do pay attention to things around me, but I'm not used of put these feelings in actual words. Challenging.

Kisses from Nydia.

Beautiful Witch said...

Oh, Jamie. I love how honest you are in your posts. You are in a place where you can identify a feeling or a thought and let it sit without judgement. I would like to learn how to do that more. :)