Friday, November 28, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 27: Creating a Fabulous Future

I always start these kind of explorations with intuition and trust. When I did the meditation with Denise this morning I was so surprised that in a year I saw my husband and I in a new home that we just loved. I also spent some time collaging and noticing what I saw. Here's my vision:

Creating 2009

This year my business has exponentially taken off and been a huge success. I'm reaching more people than I thought possible and am so excited by the work we're doing together. I feel passionately connected to my work and my purpose and am excited to wake up every day and get to it! My new website was launched early in the year, and I have been just ecstatic at the results. It combines beauty and function, and that's just one of my favourite things. Through the site, it's so easy for me to connect with others and share.

The Shy Kid Art Show was a phenomenal success. Who knew that it would get so much media attention? What I'm most thrilled about is that so many people shared their creations in a joyful, creative, supportive environment. Every day I'm still receiving letters and emails from people whose lives have been touched and changed by the experience. Now I'm working on a way of creatively pulling together all the amazing stories that people shared. Next year it's going to be even bigger!

With all of this, I'm thrilled that Justin and I have purchased another house. It was amazing how easy this was to make happen. The right opportunity showed up at the right time and we took it. It's so exciting that my income has grown to the point where making a move like that was so easy financially! And it's great we've been able to hold onto our first house as an investment. The nicest family has just moved in and I just know they are going to be so happy there and really great tenants!

We love our new home. It's beautiful and in a neighbourhood we feel just right in. I feel safe and happy and surrounded by beauty and ease. I can't wait to get started on the garden next year. In fact, I'm already planning. Now we're working on personalizing our home and I'm thrilled to say we have a team of people supporting us that we trust, like and can afford. What a treasure. It's thrilling to see everything take shape around us. This house is just so us!

It's been a busy year but I am healthier, feel more at ease and am more energetic than ever! I think a variety of things have contributed to that, including regular spa visits, joyfully participating in Nia, taking the time to experience great dinners, movies, plays, art, special events throughout the year. Taking time for my own creative endeavours has also been so fulfilling. I'm excited about my creative projects and will be announcing the dates for my next show in the new year. It's going to be a blast.

One of the best parts of this year is just how many joyful, prosperous surprises came up. Every day was an affirmation from the Universe that I am on the right path! It was amazing how often someone would approach me with an opportunity that was exciting, fun and profitable! I trusted my instincts and found myself saying yes to just the right ones and taking on just the right amount of work. I've learned so much. My purpose has deepened and my vision has expanded. I feel grounded in my abilities and trust that I can take on the new and exciting challenges that are ahead. I feel supported.

One of the great joys of this year is that I am really connected to people I love, some that I've known forever and some that are new in my life. I have friendships I value and that are getting deeper all the time. My family is healthy and happy and we see each other regularly, enjoying each other's company so much! Justin and I are so happy together. We love each other deeply and support each other fully in making our dreams come true. Right now we are having so much fun planning our European vacation for next year. Paris here we come! It was great to relax on the beach this year but next year it's all about art and architecture!

If 2010 is anywhere near as good as 2009, we're in for a good time.

I'm going to make vision cards for the different components of this vision to keep me connected and inspired. What's your vision for 2009?


peppylady said...

This been great wish you all the best in the future.

Coffee is on.

Sandra said...

:) .. what a lovely vision, with so much pep and spark! That much energy has got to go somewhere! Here's to so many great things happening to you in 2009.

Dia said...

This is so energetic & bubbly :) I love your vision, & your intention to support it with vision cards! I've had grandkids visiting, so haven't done much with the meditation - this sparks some ideas :)

Serena said...

Live your dream, Jamie!

love, light and peace,

Romana Mirza said...

Your 2009 felt so real to me that I was upset that I missed the Shy Kid Art Show and a little hurt that you didn't share your success with me...and I continued to read on, so happy for how things are unfolding for you - and I thought "is the current address the new one or the old one?"....and then...I got to the bottom and realized, "oooohhh, this was the visioning of the future, it hasn't happened yet!" So, I hope you call to brag on and on about the Shy Kid Art Show when it IS a success! I guess this shows Jamie that this is not a wild vision, it is real and possible and it is the truth. I have to say, the other quality I loved about your vision was the money aspect. The relationship with money is humble and grateful and I loved reading that. It was important but only to put to good use and to support you in life not in ego. That is something to aspire too, thank you for inspiring that vision in me!

Genie Sea said...

You're in for a great time indeed! :)

Tori said...

Your future sounds fun, prosperous, and energetic! You're in for a great year.

gemma said...

Your idea for making vision cards is great!I may do something similar. It has been a joy meeting you Jamie. Our future is bright!

Her Speak said...

A sparkling vision indeed! I'm excited for you! It's about that time of year when I need to sit down with my note/sketch book and map out the year: I've got an east coast train trip, business opportunities, a lingerie bash to organize, a record to make and student teaching coming up. It's going to be a whirlwind, kids--hold on! :)

I can't wait to see your inspiration cards!
Much Peace, Many Blissings~*

Danette said...

All this and more, yes yes yes!

What a radiant year you have ahead of you. I can't wait to read all about it. :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Jamie, this feels so real to me. Like it is all going to happen for you. I have no doubt of all of these successes and joys will come to you. You will make this happen because you are a phenomenon!

Melba said...

This post made me smile so wide!
I forgot that I was reading about your future because it seemed soooo real, so right now!
Wow Jamie, I am so excited for you!

JoAnne said...

Your vision has just pushed my creative buttons! I'm reshaping my vision thanks to your lead.
You go girl!