Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome Abundance!

Autumn is here! Crisp apples. Crisper air. Shorter days. Longer pants. At this turn of the wheel, our lives and spirits begin to turn inside. We shore up our riches and get ready for the long expanse of winter. And before it comes, we celebrate the abundance of the earth and our lives.

In the seasonal spirit of joyful sharing, here are my personal abundance practices. I'd love to hear yours.

Abundance Practices

1. Create a Gratitude Journal

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years. At first I listed things about the world I was thankful for, like cold orange juice and baby's toes. Then I started writing 5 things I was thankful for each day before I went to bed, a beautiful ritual for closing the day.

2. Show appreciation.

Let people know they make a difference. We don't hear this nearly enough. Never miss an opportunity to say thank you. It's a way of connecting with others and with the Universe. Thanking the Universe throughout the day can really open your eyes to blessings, from the colour of the sky to a particularly good cup of coffee to getting a seat on a crowded subway.

3. Thank Yourself Too!

When was the last time you thanked yourself? It is so important to acknowledge the role you play in making your life, the lives of others and the world a wonderful place to be. When you say, "I am grateful I got this new job," add "I am so thankful I found the courage to apply, that I put together a kick-butt resume and that I took that course on Desktop Publishing!"

4. Be Willing to Receive

It took me a while to understand this one. I used to have a limiting belief about how much it was okay for me to receive, like I was entitled to "my share" and no more and I was responsible for not taking too much.

Then it suddenly struck me - what if the Universe actually wants to give me more? What if the Universe is sitting there waiting to give me gifts, excited to share all that she has to offer, and here I am saying, "Um, I'll take 5 gifts. That's it. No more. I don't want to be greedy." And there she is, joyfully showing up with armloads just for me, and I'm not willing to receive it. How sad!!

I have stopped putting limits on what I am willing to receive. What's the value in that? The Universe and I talked about it. I let her know that I am deeply grateful for everything she has brought me and I'm also filled with joy and anticipation about what she's going to bring to me next. She and I are both delighted! Every day feels like Christmas!

In this season of abundance, may you celebrate all you are thankful for, take the time to love yourself up with thanks for what you've contributed and created and may you be willing to receive all the abundance the Universe is aching to share with you.

Blessed Be.


Sacred Suzie said...

That's too funny, I'm making apple crisp today! Thought it tied in with your first paragraph.

It's true, I have often felt uncomfortable with receiving but hey, now I'm totally fine with it if that's what the universe wants to do.

I have heard a lot about gratitude journals Jamie, I have never tried one. Maybe I will. I've been so bad at journalling lately!

Blessed be and happy autumn!

Anonymous said...

OK - Totally LOVING this post!!!
I am starting a gratitude journal this very night! I have a new blank book on my bookshelves just screaming to be written in!

You are awesome!(must be in your DNA, lol), and thank you for this totally cool post.

Fall always feels like the start of a new year to me, rather than Jan. 1st, and I'm going to put into practice all your abundance tips...thanks for sharing.

Melba said...

How are you?
I have been wondering what you have been up to.
You always have something brewing!
I admire your ability to keep your spirits high. I feel like my creativity is very tied to my moods. I am coming out of a really challenging period. Now that I feel well I am thinking of ways to keep the flow flowing!
I have come up with a few key elements.
Everyday I must:
~be alone in some form of meditation
~hug my husband
~engage Ethan and Maggie
~do something for our home
~eat at least one meal together as a family

This seems to be the formula for keeping me sane and happy!


Tracy said...

I started a Gratitude journal just this weekend! :)

solsticedreamer said...

what a wonderful post and so inspiring :)

i am going out tomorrow to buy a special journal to turn into my gratitude journal...thank you so much!

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely lovely practice!!!

sunny said...

What a wonderful list! It helps explain how you got to be you. :-)

Peaceole said...

What a fabulous entry. Thank you I am writing these tips down and I will practice them. Thank you again.

Laure said...
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Cindy said...

I've been keeping a gratitude journal off-and-on for a long time now. It really does help me focus on the positive in my life when I'm keeping one. And I love the tip about appreciating ourselves! Excellent blog post!