Monday, September 01, 2008

The Call

As I write this, I'm imagining you, the person reading this post. I imagine you as a creative and independent spirit who values freedom, creative self-expression and connecting with your tribe. You believe in dreams. You have some that you've pursued and others that lie asleep in your heart. Some days you are filled with hope and inspiration, ready to answer the call of your spirit. Other days you think that it's simply impossible, that there isn't enough time, money, energy. Or maybe you worry that it's you that isn't enough. But good day or a dark day, you hear your spirit calling.

If I have imagined you as you are, I have a question that I hope you will answer.

What would support you in answering the call?


Anonymous said...

Just small voices from everywhere
saying it is the way to live.

Sacred Suzie said...

Being in nature again.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh and I totally love that collage!

Romana Mirza said...

Me, first and foremost it is me that supports me in answering the call. Without the courage that comes from within I would not be able to draw on the people and resources and support that helps me to answer the call.

danette said...


From friends, coaches, strangers, tribemates, hearing those voices echo what is already in my own voice. You do that with your voice on your blog, with posts like this one.

It's those whispers from the Universe, chanting yes, yes. Not only is this possible, it is the only way.

Melba said...

Great question!

For me one of the challenges about the call,
My Call...
is not knowing specifically what My Call is. I have narrowed it down over the years, but I don't feel completely fullfilled ...
I don't really feel that I am completely living the life my soul intended. and I do think it is possible. Not only possible, but the reason we are all here.
I believe we are all here on this physical plane for our individual souls to spiritually evolve. How we do that is by living the life our soul intended.
See...I am clear on certain aspects of my life, but the actual day to day living I have much less clarity about.

Connected with other like-spirited souls helps me the most, supports me the most.

I have family who support me, but because they do not often share my world view, it is not as ...exciting?, maybe the right word is rewarding...

When someone who is a like-spirited soul, someone who shares my beliefs, when that person supports me, I feel so much more heard and comforted and validated.

I also know that is when I feel the most love, when I feel rewarded, when I feel like I am answering the call is when someone expresses to me that something I have said or done made them feel love, valued, heard.

The love connection.

It is all there...all the elements of what I must do ~want to do/be, but the pieces aren't falling into place just yet.

Today I am feeling very hopeful.
A good thing. :)

Nice to babble to you Jamie! ;)

You know I love you!

Anonymous said...

...reading this fabulous, motivating blog and feeling your positive energy!

Tracy said...

Shutting out the voices that whisper "you will fail" and "who does she think she is?" and instead listening to my heart who says to shoot for the stars and follow my bliss. :)

Tracy said...

Great post, Jamie!

Leah said...

hee! that is me you were writing about!

and in a bit of synchronicity, i was just thinking about this question.

i think an in person support group would be helpful in helping me answer the call and maybe some one on one encouragement. some loving and firm support would be helpful.

Amber said...

Just knowing that there are like spirits on similar paths.

Jenn said...

Some guidance or a mentor. I know what my passion is but I need to find a way of applying it that will work for me.

Shell said...

Skywatching day or night, hugging trees, going to my special grove in my local park, Jimi and doing my tarot cards.

The Lady said...

My relationship with my Goddess gives me the strength to answer The Call.

Great Post!!!

Jenn said...

I love this collage. It's so striking!

And about your question... I've been mulling over an idea that I'd like to run by you tomorrow. Talk soon!