Monday, July 07, 2008

Style Statement: Sensual Radiance

"Sensual Eats Life Whole"
"Radiance: Glowing; beaming, splendid, dazzling"

Sensual Radiance is my Style Statement, and it's so delicious I just want to eat it up with a spoon!

Last year I booked my Style Statement with Danielle of Carrie & Danielle. This involves having a great conversation focused on you and answering all sorts of interesting questions about what your preferences are. "What's your favourite flower?" "Your ideal outfit?" "What's one thing you want people to know about you?" At one point Danielle asked me to just riff about what I love and boy, did I! From peonies to champagne to my husband to thunderstorms to raspberries to white to dancing to.... well, you get the idea.

And then Danielle (or Carrie, of course) goes away and works her magic, coming back with 2 words that represent your way of being in the world, 2 words that serve as a touchstone and a guidance system, 2 words that make you feel at home.

Danielle and I went through a bit of a process to come up with what finally felt was 100% right for me. I'm grateful for her insight, her commitment and her generosity. And in the end, the words that express my spirit, my style, my self are Sensual Radiance. And in those words I understand so much about how I engage with the world.

Recently I wrote to Danielle about what the word Sensual means to me:

"It wrapped its arms around me and invited me home. I realize I have always been this. When I was a baby I had my "rubby" blanket, so called because I loved the feeling of the edges. The museum recently added a new approach to displays, creating models of the artefacts for kids to handle. It was made for me! My perfect shoes are bare feet. Dancing is how I connect to the divine. When my toes curl in the sand or the wind catches my hair, it isn’t just that I deeply enjoy the physical experience; it’s the way I fall in love with the world"

Radiance reminds me that I'm meant to shine, that I'm a beamer, that I am attracted to light in this world. It reminds me that I love sparkle: sparkling jewellery, sparkling champagne, sparkling conversation and sparkling me! I love mirrors and big windows and clear glass and spheres.

It is such a powerful feeling to see yourself reflected back so clearly. But truly, the biggest piece of knowing your Style Statement, whether you have it done by Carrie & Danielle or find it for yourself (Carrie & Danielle have a great book out to help you do just that) is that you go out and live it! It's up to me to create a life of sensual radiance. And I can tell you, I'm looking forward to it!


Sacred Suzie said...

It is absolutely perfect for you Jamie! I'm so glad that you can shine and radiate all that energy for the world to see.

Leah said...

i love your words and the collage you put together about it!! the book sounds wonderful. at first i wasn't too sure about the idea (when you wrote about it originally), but now, with fresh eyes, i can see how valuable a tool it is. thank you for sharing!

daisies said...

:) i love your style statement!!

and i am loving working through this book, slowely working through myself :)


Polly said...

So brill! I will definitely take a look at the book as I'm thinking about style...

Shannon said...

I think this totally rocks, and the style statement that you eneded up with is perfect!

traveler one said...

How beautiful! Radiant has been my favourite word for many years and who can resist being sensual?