Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project 365 ~ Week 25

This week's adventures started with a trip to the optometrist for both Justin and me. We try to turn everything into a bit of fun so afterwards we went and saw Hancock. Now, I have to say that I was not keen on seeing it. But I was pleasantly surprised and ended up really engaged in the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. You can read Shannon's review here.

Sunday I took some time to rest. I realize I don't have many shots like this in Project 365!

I took myself out for coffee for some thought and inspiration. I am deeply inspired by On Becoming a Leader by Warren Bennis. This was a recommendation of Carrie of Carrie & Danielle.

A dinner meeting with my accountability group. It's amazing the things that have happened for each of us since we started almost a year ago.

Unfortunately I lost a piece of one of my teeth this week and had to go into the dentist. Though I have deep anxiety about the dentist, mine totally, 100% rocks. I trust him completely and appreciate how kind, supportive and skilled he is. I also really appreciate my honey coming with me for support.
Shannon and I checked out the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit. It's so interesting to see so many artists all in one place. This year there seemed to be a really extensive range of media.

Going to a large exhibit like this is such a good way to start to notice your own preferences, what really catches your eye. I was absolutely blown away by glass work of of Nick Chase. On his website he shares not only some of his work but also some inspiration photos - all exquisite.

Shannon and I also stopped by and saw the display of the Bat-pod and Bat-tumbler! You never know what you're going to see in the streets of Toronto.

Project 365 is my attempt to capture a year in my life through a photograph a day. On Saturday's I'll post the week's pics. At the end of the year, I'll create a video of all these precious moments. Feel free to participate at any time. Yours can be Project 347 or Project 292. It's up to you.


Sacred Suzie said...

Cool pic of you and Justin Jamie! No doubt where you are.

Yay for getting some rest in there and look at that flower coming in to say hi to you!

An accountability group? Cool!

Oh your poor tooth Jamie. I'm so glad you have a good dentist.

Cool art fest! I love that about Toronto, all the cool stuff going on downtown.

megg said...

These are great pictures! I love your project - you are inspiring me!

I need to tell you - I was feeling quite blue & anonymous so I was lurking through blogs that were new to me and I came to wishstudio & there you were!!! I knew it was you before I read it from the image that was there - it looked like one of yours! It was like you saying, "Come on! How are we going to react to this?" to me. So I am pulling myself out of blue & anonymous - thank you Jamie, even though you didn't even know you were helping! I guess that's a good lesson for us all eh?!


tinker said...

Hi! I found you once again - I believe I visited quite a long time ago, on another computer, then lost a lot of links, when we changed. Found you again, thanks to the wonderful interview you did with Scarlett, on JustBeConnected.

Your 365 project is an especially wonderful idea - looks like you've had a fun and exciting time. Lovely to catch up with you again!

daisies said...

what a week you have had :) i so love seeing your week in photos, it is as you are always inspiring and full of life, xo

Shannon said...

What a rockin' week! Looks like a lot of fun :) It was cool to see the art exhibit and the bat pod!

Romana Mirza said...

Thank you for sharing Nick Chase with us. The work is very inspiring and the inspirational photos are inspiring a blog posting of my own. It's wonderful following your weeks! All I can say is "beautiful".