Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Announcing a New Session of Circe's Circle

Circe’s Circle
Bringing Creativity to Life

Jumpstart your creative project by joining Circe's Circle!

The next session of Circe's Circle will begin on May 5th, 2008. For 12 Mondays certified life coach Jamie Ridler will be leading this weekly tele-circle designed to support Creative Bloggers in moving creative dreams forward.

Circe’s Circle is ideal for:

  • People yearning to bring a creative project or dream to life
  • People wanting to make their creativity their priority
  • People who want to connect with a community of independent, creative dreamers and believers
  • You!

Benefits of participating in the Circe’s Circle include:

  • Having a professional life coach guide you through the sometimes rough waters of bringing your dreams to life
  • Weekly connection with your creative spirit and that of others
  • Drawing on the wisdom and encouragement of the group
  • Having a forum to discuss common blocks (such as time, money, space, confidence) and solutions
  • Having a structure to keep you on track and moving forward towards your dreams
  • Having a group to celebrate your progress with

The Details

Dates: Monday May 5 to Monday until July 21*
Time: 7:00-8:30 p.m. EST
Place: Connect from wherever you are to the teleconference
Cost: $300 for the series plus your long-distance charges
Size: This group is limited to 6 participants.

* Depending on the makeup of the participants, we may shift a couple of Mondays due to Victoria Day and Memorial Day.


To sign up or to find out more, please contact Jamie at


Jessie said...

Hey People...I just want to tell you that I am participating in the first round of Circe's Circle and am LOVING IT!!! I mean, really, what would I do without Jamie?!

She has helped me jump start my dreams in ways that I had not even imagined. She challenged me to stretch myself further than I would have on my own and helped me to take better care of myself when I might have forgotten to.

If you want to do this badly enough, believe that the money, time, and inspiration will be there for you. Let it into your life--because, I'm serious, this girl is FANTASTIC!!!

with love,
from a current Circe Circle student

Sacred Suzie said...

I envy those who join, nobody can inspire creativity like Jamie! She's the personal coach for the spirit.