Monday, December 17, 2007

December Views ~ Dec 17 ~ A Tree!

Welcome to our Snow Day.

Over the holidays, we're spending lots of family time. So Justin and I are sneaking in a couple of days just for ourselves. Today was one of them.

We went to one of our favourite local diners for brunch.
We decided to walk home and were surprised to come across this fabulous little tree.

How could we not take him home? Now that we had a Christmas Tree, hot chocolate was required.
And Harry Potter.
And twinkie lights.

And of course, Justin's homemade star.

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Melba said...

a perfect tree. I heart the star!

PixieDust said...

eeeeeeeeee! It's a Charlie Brown Christmas!! I LOVE it...


That star is fabulous!

Shannon said...

Pretty pretty! What a lovely day!

daisies said...

:) that diner looks fabulous!! and that tree is adorable :) tee hee ... i heart your mugs ~ what a beautiful snow day :)

Jenn said...

OMG that tree is simply adorable!

Marilyn said...

It's an indication of the kind of crazy-busy week I had that I just realized I'm a week behind in your views! :) LOVE the diner! And the tree? Too cute!

Jana B said...

Have you ever read the book "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"? That's what this blog reminds me of.

"If you give Jamie a christmas tree, she will ask you for hot chocolate!

*turning page*

And when you give her a cup of hot chocolate, she will relax and say "Hmm... a Harry Potter movie would be nice..."

*turning page*

And as she watches Harry Potter, she will notice how festive Hogwarts looks! She will realize she needs twinkle lights for her tree, so it can be festive too!

*turning page*

And of course, you can't have twinkle lights without a homemade star!

*turning page*

And if you give a Jamie a star, she'll be happy all year long...

*turning page*

Until next winter... When she'll start asking you for another tree.

*turning page*

The End.