Sunday, November 25, 2007

Family Sunday

Today was a family treat. My sister Shannon and I went over to our Mom's to help her out with pictures. One of the treats of the day was getting to eat Mom's homemade soup. Isn't it true that no one makes food like your mom? I've just never tasted anything like this soup and it is delish. Mom sent us home with some so Justin and I had it for dinner too. Yum!

Other than eating, we worked on repairing some of the 800 of Mom's slides that have been recently damaged. Our mom has always been a photographer. And recently she discovered that the slides that had been in protector sheets were being damaged by the plastic they were contained it. (So if you're storing any that way, find a new system as soon as you can)

The damage to these photos felt like a family tragedy. These are pictures from all different stages of our lives. Shannon as a baby with her punk badass hair. Jason in his underoos. Suzie looking oh so hip as she rode the swan ride at Canada's Wonderland. Me making friends with the neighbourhood cats. So today Shannon and I were on a rescue mission, using cleanser recommended by the experts and with a delicate hand hoping for the preservation of these memories. It was a treat to go through them.

Shannon discovered it was possible to take a picture of the slides. Hers turned out much better than mine. But here's a hazy look at me with my friends Heather and Micheal in kindergarten. I'm the one with the grin in the middle.


Shannon said...

How's you get this up so quick and already have dinner!!! I'm so impressed!

It was such a great day. Visiting was fun, storis and the slides. The fumes might have helped, hehe.

I've send the pic's I took of the slides! It's always fun to see us all with our cameras capturing the moment. A family of photographers we are!

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so grateful that you amazing women got together on this rescue mission and really wish I could have been there to help. You are such a cutie Jamie! Did you find that you were able to rescue most of the pics?

Sacred Suzie said...

And OMG, aren't you the CUTEST! Look at that smile, that's one in a million Jamie, I can totally see you in that smile. What a sweetie.

gkgirl said...

such a cute picture
and i'm glad to hear that
they are salvageable,
it would be awful to lose them

btw, i have tagged you
for a nablopomo meme...
totally optional, of course