Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Creative in Cape Cod

Shannon and I have returned from our great Cape Cod adventure to participate in the Creative Bazaar organized by the wonderful Melba. We had so much fun exploring Hyannis and meeting blog friends - new and old! We enjoyed great company, great food and great creations and all in all had a wonderful time. I'm going to post about the experience in 2 parts: the bazaar and the Hyannis experience because I want to share so much. Today I'll write about participating in the bazaar.

These wonderful gift bags greeted people as the entered the Creative Bazaar. Shannon and I were stationed right across from them. I was all set to do some Tarot Coaching and thoroughly enjoyed doing readings at the event. It was great to share some time and hopefully insight with such wonderful people. Where we were set up we were lucky enough to be right beside the wonderful Melba and her exuberantly colourful creations.

It was such a treat to meet Melba in person and to be able to give her a big hug! Yes, folks, she is as warm, open and wonderful in person as she is on her blog. She's easy to talk to, has a big heart and is a woman of vision! It was a treat to get to know her in a whole new way, plus to be able to buy some original Melba creations! I can't wait to use my journal. Thanks for everything, Melba. You are a star!
We also had the real pleasure of meeting Jana of Jana's Journeys. Here she is with her creations, including 2 wonderful boxes that Shannon and I took home with us. I got wishes and Shannon got joy - good deal! Jana was a joy to meet, full of life and more than a hint of mischief. We hope you got home safe and sound, Jana, and that the journey was shorter than expected!

We also had the pleasure of meeting Mary Ann. What a lovely woman she is. And check out her creations! I am so inspired by the buttons that I bought from her. You can see more of her creations at her Etsy shop.

And in our blog corner of the bazaar universe we also got to meet Artsy Mama. She had a fabulous Halloween theme going on. We couldn't resist the treat bags.

It was also so cool to meet Anne Marie of KaleidoSoul. I had so wanted to take a Soul Collage workshop with her! But at least I did get to see the beautiful cards that she has created, which was a real treat. And we met Pink Sky from The Wish Studio, and she is so lovely. What a wonderful energy that woman exudes! And what's funny is that we also met Heidi of Birds of a Feather, but I totally didn't realize that she was a blog person until later. Lovely to meet you Heidi! And on top of all the blog people, we were able to get to know the women of Melba's family - all wonderful, fantastic women!

So as you can see, we were just spoiled rotten with getting to meet creative, interesting women! So thanks once again to Melba for making it happen. And I have to also say thank you to Shannon

Shannon came to help me out and was an absolutely wonderful travel companion. We had so much fun together, sharing all of these experiences. I'll share more about our adventures in Cape Cod later, but for now, maybe this will give you an idea...


Melba said...

Jamie I loved meeting you just as much!
You and Shannon have the most amazing energy! You both GLOW. Seriously!
I am so happy you came and so happy you had fun!!!


Sacred Suzie said...

OMG, what absolute fun and adventure, I just love it! I envy you all for getting together and having such an amazing time, so happy for you. Look at all those amazing creative women, so fabulous. I'm also so glad you got to share your tarot coaching skills with others Jamie, so you can show them how enchanting you are.

Shannon said...

Awwwww, you are so welcome Jamie! It was a treat to go on vacation and to spend so much time together! It was also amazing to meet so many wonderful people while we were at the Bizarre!

Looking at your pics I see that we have a lot of the same ones, funny that eh? ;) I love the last set - so much fun!

Jana B said...

OMW!!!! I love the pics of you two on the dinos! You all are so much fun... I am SO GLAD you came!!!! I'm also glad that you are home safely!

More than a hint of mischief?? From ME??? *blinking innocently* Surely you have mixed up with someone else... Jes or Mary Ann, perhaps?

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i've read about the bazaar on a couple other blogs as well and everyone seems to think it went really well and really enjoyed themsevles. the booths are just gorgeous!

Vedrana M. said...

amazing! it's great you had such a wonderful time, wish i could come, xoxo