Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 21

Principle 20 of Jack Canfield's Success Principles is keep score for success. This is a short chapter with a very succinct message: keep score of anything you want more of. Jack uses various examples and sources to demonstrate how motivation and achievement are inspired by score-keeping. He recommends that you keep score in all areas of your life from finances to relationships to work. Keeping score motivates you towards your goals. Simple.

But I want to ruffle it up just a bit. I know the power of measurement. Setting my sights on a certain markers of achievement has often provided me with focus, determination and success. For example, I made major progress on paying down my student loan by setting targets of the next amount I wanted to get under. But there can also be a dark side side to keeping score that some of you may recognize. It's when drive turns into obsession, when you keep your eye on the numbers so blindly that you lose touch with how you're feeling, who you're being and why you're doing this in the first place.

And I wonder whether it is the keeping score that's significant or whether it's actually the acknowledgement of our achievements. We so often breeze through what we've done without stopping to notice how much we've accomplished. In fact, often noticing the great work we've done is considered egotistical and inappropriate. Somehow quantifying and scoring makes it okay to remark on how well you've done. Whereas it might feel uncomfortable to say, "Yes! This week I was totally rocked it at work," it is great to say, "This week I handled 10% more client requests than last week!"
Keep score as long as it supports you. Find ways to acknowledge all the wonderful steps that you're taking, all the growth that is taking place. And take time to celebrate all that you are and all that you've done. Take time to say, "This week I totally rocked!" Where are you rocking it out this week?


Star said...

I know I don't like it when people keep score (I'm better than you), but it's different when you're tracking your own accomplishments. Great idea!

Shannon said...

Oh, I so wanted to do this one when I read the chapter. I had invisioned a big posted board, and colour coded graphs and charts! Something strayed me from it though, but I still think about it!

I think whne it's thought of as keeping score that is something people know and understand as a 'normal' there when can help bring awarenss of accomplishments (and celebration of them) to a more normal point bypassing the unfamiliar wierdness that some people feel by it.

Hmm I wonder if that makes sense.

Melba said...

Jamie ,
you are so smart1 It is all about how we feel.
I see you as someone who is helping change perceptions...
It is a great thing to say "I ROCK!"
I am very proud and happy that I have been meditating evry day. I rock!