Monday, July 16, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 19

Jack Canfield's 19th Success Principle is: Use Feedback to your Advantage. He explains that when we take action we receive feedback, both positive and negative, and that paying attention to that information is crucial to our success because it informs us whether we are on or off course in our journey towards our goals.
It is useful to take a step and listen. Adjust your next step if required. Repeat. Listen to the feedback from others, from the universe and also from your self (your gut, your intuition, your emotional response). In the world of feedback, Jack recommends you give your gut primary billing. If everyone says something is a good idea and your gut is hitting the warning bells, trust your gut.

So feedback provides us with powerful information to keep us on track. Why do we so often not want to hear it? We're afraid, like somehow being off course says something horrible about us and that other people see our failing. Imagine - we were off course and other people knew it. Oh, the humiliation! Unfortunately, if we're off course and everyone sees it but we're not open to hearing about it, we stay off course and everyone still knows it - everyone, that is, except us. Better to brave the feedback and get on course. Perhaps instead of being humiliated, we will feel connected to others and to our journey and we will send out the message that we are open to help and guidance along the way and we will once again be moving towards our goal instead of moving in the wrong direction with blinders on.

This success principle highlights not just the importance of feedback but our being willing to ask for it and receive the information with gratitude. The process is quite simple: ask for feedback, make it safe for the other person to give it to you and be thankful when you receive it.

This week I am going to take this principle to heart as I continue to develop my brand concept for my coaching practice. I've made leaps and bounds in identifying the core values and purpose of my work and now am moving onto how to powerfully share that with others in a way that speaks to people who would love to partake of what I have to offer. I hope that in the coming weeks I'll be able to ask for your feedback and hear your responses.

What would you like feedback on? Will you ask for it?
What feedback have you been receiving lately? How will that guide your journey?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

Yes, this is a skill to be acquired. He's right, there is so much fear involved.

Mostly I ask for feedback at work. Sometimes I take constructive criticism really well. Other times I let it scald me.

The thing I want feedback on is too scary. The stakes are too high. I want to know how I'm doing with the project called life. I'm not sure whom to ask for a really honest opinion.

As always, it's a pleasure to read your thoughts.

Suzie Ridler said...

Great post Jamie! I agree that your gut has to be your #1 feedback guidance. I usually refer to this as messages from my heart as oppose to my head.

I like getting feedback on my jewellery but I haven't had time to make any. One day...

Melanie Margaret said...

You know I love these posts!

I do think feedback is important, even if I don't agree with what someone is telling me (like if my gut is saying something else) it still helps to clarify my visions.


Shannon said...

I love giving feedback but I rarely ask or enjoy receiving it :)

I think the idea of being willing to receive it is key here, not only to the person hearing it but the person giving it. That really would help create a good space.

Michelle (a.k.a. la vie en rose) said...

i always seem to pick the right day to read because your summaries of this book are so great and really offer me a lot (without all the work of actually having to read the book--so thank you for that!)

Anonymous said...

Girl, that is a great picture!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
I was standing in the library on Tuesday having a sneezing attack. When I came back to consciousness I looked at the shelf near me. There was that book that you suggested! I think it was you. "Sweat Your Prayers" How wierd! I took it out and read it this week and really enjoyed it. I'm also reading Mr. Canfield's big book. Thanks for both suggestions.

Jennifer Hicks said...

I just love feedback. I realize now, though, from reading your post, that I don't always ask directly for it, or make it safe for people to offer it.

maybe that's what I need in my Nia real honest stuff. if you're ever interested in doing that for each other, i'd love to. we could use some of the eval forms from blue belt (the 52 move checklist)

have a great day jamie