Thursday, March 22, 2007

Poetry Thursday: She is Waiting

Welcome to my audio experiment.
I`ve shared this picture before, but now you can hear me reciting the poem that goes with it by clicking on the icon below. It will take you to gabcast where you can click play and hear me.

She is Waiting
a poem


Potato Print said...

Oh my goodness. What a way to start my morning! You have added a third dimension to my blogging world.

You have such a soothing voice-- I am eager to see you in action at "justBe." I heard this poem as the voice of Lady Spring. The batik is really lovely.

suzie q said...

How wonderful to hear your lovely voice, Jamie, and such a beautiful poem, too. Thank you for such a special start to my day :)

Beaman said...

Very nice. This has a very Buddhist feel to it. A form of mantra almost. I like it very much.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Jamie, it was so nice just to hear your voice but then to hear it weave that poem...wonderful. You have such a calming but expressive and soulful voice. Cool stuff!

melba said...

How cool to hear your voice!
I love it!

gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful batik. Wonderful to hear your voice reciting the poem.


Leah said...

this is so cool! i've been saving it for a quiet moment. you have such a soothing voice and i loved the poem!