Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Making It Work

Recently I've been intensely focused on my work. By that I mean what I want to contribute in this world. And I'm starting to understand that at its heart, that's what your work is. It's your contribution. It's you sharing your gifts and abilities with others. Imagine that. It's sharing. Suddenly, it's delicious.

One of my very favourite things about being my own boss is that I get to make it up. Yep, I get to create a business just like I would create anything else in my life: a party, dinner, a show. And that's a good thing because all sorts of standard business ideas just rankle me!

For example, I recently shifted my perspective on the concept of "networking." It always seemed so phony to me. Even the name seemed like a disguise for what was really "sales." And I'm not a fan of sales either. But here's the rub: how am I going to be a successful entrepreneur if I hate sales and networking?

I've replaced them with connecting and sharing.

Suddenly, yummy! This change has injected so much energy and joy into my work. Instead of strategizing about the best networking possibility (bleh), I just focus on connecting. I don't call up people that I think are good prospects in my target market. In fact, I'm not really focusing on getting clients at all. What I'm doing is creating an opportunity for discovery, magic and joy by being open to and inviting connection with others, with people that I know and love, with people that interest me, with people whose company I enjoy, with people that challenge me, people that inspire me. It's joyous and alive and full of mystery, and I love it.

And the other piece is being willing to share my gifts. This is a real shift from sales thinking. For me, sales has meant convincing someone to buy something. As a coach, I have no interest in convincing someone to work with me. If someone doesn't truly want to be coached or doesn't feel a great sense of connection with me as a coach, it doesn't make sense to work together. It is a recipe for failure. And it's for sure not going to be any fun.

But if someone's desperately wanting to be heard and aching to be who they are in the world and feeling the call to stretch out into something they really hope is possible and they want support while they take that step, I am all over that! I will show up with passionate commitment and bring every skill and tool I've got and learn new ones because nothing is more important to me than people feeling in love with themselves and their lives. I don't want to sell to someone that's not interested. And I don't want to be invisible to those people out there looking for support. I want to shine that light and say, "Over here! If you're looking for support and encouragement just come over here."

And those are 2 of the ways that I'm creating my work. How are you creating yours? I'd love to be learn from you.

Note: A part of my work is supporting people's wishes.
Wednesday is Wishcasting day, so come on over and make a wish: www.wishcasting.blogspot.com.


krista said...

I love this. I think it is so awesome that you are doing this.

PS- I am looking forward to the Equinox!!! I can't wait to celebrate Spring and meet you.

Sacred Suzie said...

This is a wonderfully woman-way to reframe business Jamie and step away from the typical male business structured way of working. It's much more you and I think you will get so many more "Jamie" clients by truly being yourself and promoting your business the way you live your life.

Delicious indeed!

melba said...

Reading this post I kept saying YES!YES!YES!
We are comimng from such the same place!

This is EXACTLY, EXACTLY how I feel about justBe...Connected. I don't want to "sell" justBe...connected or "trick" people into coming. I want people to come because they WANT to connect with other creative bloggers (period).

It feels so awesome for you to put into words my own thopughts.
It feels so wonderful to KNOW other like minded souls.

Because you are so right (in your previous post) that we don't ALL want the same things...
But still it is so so nice when someone gets you.
Yes, very nice.

I have so much respect for you Jamie...living your creative dream.
You are an inspiration to me!!!

And WHAT EVER I can do to help you, Please ask!
I am RIGHT HERE for you!!!!


Jessie said...

this post is like the cleanest, purest, and most delicious water i've had in a long time. i like your perspective, jamie! it's amazing how much power words can hold.

Shannon said...

It's so wonderful when you can redefine and tweak things so that they resonate for you - congratz Jamie, that must feel great!

Shannon said...

I forgot to say, when I read this title I could sooooo hear Tim Gunn "Make it work!"

Potato Print said...

Hi Jamie,

I have missed reading you.

This is such a gracious post. I have the same visceral reaction to the notion of networking. People try to make it seem so folksy and good-natured. But my experience with networking has mostly been all about slick and plastic.

Your use of the word "sharing" is not a euphemism. It really conveys the spirit in which you work.

Your business helps me see the possibility that work might be a contribution and not a duty.

I like the way we blogging sisters light the way for one another. Right now YOU are the one with the bright lamp.

chest of drawers said...

I work as an english teacher, with adults only and I try to incorporate so many other things to do with personal growth into my lessons. I try to get people thinking positive thoughts, when they feel confident they learn much faster which makes me feel good. I feel more like I am working for myself, for my principles rather than just those of my firm. I must admit, I am glad to leave the "sales" to other people.

Idea Guy said...

Sharing is always been a great thing to do.With this, I help and at the same time learn from one another. It is cool when you listen to them at the same time they listen to you too.
Give and take. That's it.

Love your post :D