Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Terrible Twos (a meme in 2 parts)

Here is a meme I've seen here and there that I thought I'd jump in and answer. Something about the power of 2 grabbed me. Did you know Justin and I got married on 02/02/2002?

2 names you go by:

2 parts of your heritage:

2 things that scare you:
deep water
the dentist

2 everyday essentials:
coffee or tea
time for me

2 things you are wearing right now:
a thumb ring
a navel ring

2 of your favourite current bands/artists:
Indigo Girls
KT Tunstall

2 things you want in a relationship (other than love):
"getting" me
a playmate

2 truths:
life is short
we are magnificent

2 favorite hobbies:

2 things you have to do this week:
go to knitting class
get my Mom a birthday present

2 stores you shop at:
The Bay

2 shows you like to watch:
Project Runway
Coronation Street (I can't link to it - there would be spoilers for me. We Canadians are behind the Brits)

2 things you'd buy if money were no object:
My dream home
A home I could turn into a creative self-development centre

2 wishes for 2007:
to feel creatively fulfilled
to feel professionally accomplished


melba said...

Always like getting to know you more. No nicknames? Do your sisters call you Jamie? I always wonder about nicknames.
I say honey all the time. I find now I say it to everyone, even like the post just comes out!

Shannon said...

Great Meme!!! We have a few in common, hehe. I love the pic of the cats!

Anonymous said...

I love that your two hobbies that you enjoy are both writing: hardcopy and online. Fascinating. And that your dream home is also your dream work place. Very revealing and interesting Jamie.

Melba, we did used to sing "Jungle Jamie had a safari" because of her love of animals. Was it safari? I think it was safari. Maybe it was zoo...???

la vie en rose said...

oooh, i'd love to visit your creative self-development center. that would be fun!

Shannon said...

It was a safari! And psychic Suzie had a seance!!! I dont' remember mine though, lol...

Anonymous said...

i've dreamed of opening a creative self-development center as well!! i drew pictures of it, it had a jacuzzi tub where we'd have staff meetings. :-) and we'd go on regular retreats and the place would be light filled and welcoming with space for individual offices/studios and spaces for meetings/coffee house nights and gallery showings. le sigh.