Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Creed

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Be Brave
Be True
And Make Good Things Happen

I had a few conversations yesterday which led me to revisit my creed, something that I wrote quite a while ago. It's changed its form at various times, but this version seems to have some staying power. I think that's because each of the words means so many things to me. Here's a little bit of what I think about and how I'm living my creed.

Be Brave: Sometimes I think I'm crazy for putting this on my list, never mind first! But it's there for a reason. I really want to experience life. I want to live and that takes bravery. It takes bravery to really feel your feelings, to ask for what you want, to walk towards your dreams. It takes bravery to be who you are in this world, and I believe that's what we're here to do, so bravery is essential. Besides bravery leads you into adventure and love and authenticity and strength, lots of yummy stuff once you get there.

To me, this means believing in myself, believing in others, believing in the Universe, believing in magic and, of course, believing in fairies.

Be True:
This one rings with a pure sound to me. I love it. For me it calls me to be honest, be loyal and be authentic, all deep, deep values for me.

This one's just in my bones. Often it doesn't matter what form the creativity takes. It might be journalling, cooking, putting on a show, painting, collaging, drawing, throwing a party, anything that gets those juices flowing and out there into the world!

What's all the good stuff for if we don't take the time to notice it and honour it? How is the Universe going to know that we like what we're getting if we don't yell out, "Yes! I love it! Thank you!" by throwing a party or putting on a party dress or making a toast and drinking champagne. This is the time to wrap yourself in the deliciousness of life!

Make Good Things Happen:
It doesn't matter what it is. Imagine if you made good things happen everywhere you went. What would the world be like? What good thing could you make happen in the kitchen at work? When you walk your dog? Actually, I bet you made something good happen today. What was it? I transformed a kitchen of clutter into a oasis of cleanliness! I continue to turn mounds of paper and chaos into a plan!

What's your creed?

*And I have to share, in case you didn't know, that I believe in Celebration so much that I'm doing a workshop about it at justBe... It would be awesome if you could join me, and we could celebrate together.


chest of drawers said...

I´ll write about this on my blog later, thanks for the inspiration!
Beautiful photo!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh Jamie, I think of you as a young girl bringing fun and joy into people's lives and how happy she would be to read this creed. You are so in tune with your authentic self, it's just amazing! I love that picture of you too, so "Jamie" as well.

Shannon said...

What a great picture Jamie, I can hear you just about to start laughing.

I love that you have a creed, that is so cool. Great post!

melba said...

I LOVE your creed. Amazing words!

The picture of you is priceless; you exude beauty, authenticity, and joy!


Anonymous said...

All of the pieces of your creed resonate so deeply with me. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

What a challenge. How long did it take you to come up with your cree? I like it very much, especially the "celebrate" part. It rings true to the Jamie that I know in the blog-o-sphere. I'm writing myself a mental post-it note to start cooking up my own creed. I know it's in there somewhere.

Patry Francis said...

This is beautiful. I especially love the challenge to make good things happen.