Saturday, September 30, 2006

True Balance ~ Sacral Chakra ~ Letting it Out

There were some great responses about how to let out those emotions that sit curled up here in your sacrum. Janet pointed out that getting physical can help. I've found this too. I think for the first three months of Nia I cried during class! Somehow the movement was letting out all sorts of stuff that had been bottled up in there.

And I had suggested weepy movies to help you release some tears. Caroline asked me if I could recommend any. So here are my current top 3 weepy movies.

Movies that will help you let the tears out (or at least they did mine):

This is one of my top 5 movies EVER. It is beautiful, touching and inspiring. It is beautifully acted and presented. You won't be sorry you give this film a try.

Everyone's probably seen this one already, yes? This is also in my top 5 movies of all time. It's actually in my top 3. I still can't watch it without a large box of Kleenex by my side!

Coming of age, girl friendship story - what could be bad? I watched this as sort of a fluffy Sunday afternoon distraction and was surprised to find myself unabashedly pouring the tears out of my heart!

What weepy let-it-all-out movies would you recommend?


Shannon said...

Great post!!! I love this idea, I'll have mine up soon :)

Jessie said...

I should be reading that book...because I love reading what you and Melba have to say about it.

Anonymous said...

For me The Joy Luck Club did it, I almost had to leave the theatre I cried so hard! You've listed a few that have really gotten me too, hmmm, I will have to think about this one...