Thursday, August 17, 2006

August Happiness Challenge ~ Aug 17 ~ My journal

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A while ago I wrote about creating an art journal that served as a wish/spell/prayer book. This is a practice I've really taken to. I've loosened up a bit and don't put any pressure on myself to paint or draw every day, though I almost always do. Recently I have been doing a self-portrait a day, being really unattached to the results, just grabbing a pen or a pastel or a coloured pencil and capturing how I would draw myself on that particular day.

I find that the ritual of starting my day with my morning pages and ending the day with reflecting on its highlights and what I'd like to acknowledge myself for, what I am grateful for and what I wish for has become a powerful practice. I feel grounded, hopeful, focused. It's really exciting to one day be writing something I wish for and then later be writing my thank you for it!


melba said...

I am glad you feel grounded. That is so important!

I love reading about your happiness makes me smile!

Sacred Suzie said...

How wonderful Jamie! That's real magick you know, writing down (or saying) what you want plus making art to help it manifest...that's simply amazing and even more potent! I think it's wonderful you're committed to it without it being a huge big deal, like if you don't do anything today that's OK. That's the only way to create, at least for me.

hundred and one said...

How lovely. I gave up on my morning pages a few months ago :-( but reading this post has inspired me to start again. Thank you