Sunday, May 28, 2006


Isn't it funny that I managed to post while in Holland but not the first week back at home? Life is a crazy place. And then, of course, as I started to think about posting I got stumped and overwhelmed by lots of ideas, no ideas, no time, wanting to catch up on other people's first... So, I took a deep breath and decided to just celebrate things being back to, well, as normal as it gets.

Holland was fantastic. It was beautiful and interesting and fun. We walked along the beach in the sun and along a pier in a storm (I still have sand in my pockets). We saw houses that are older than Canada. We saw windmills and boats and canals and art and cows and ducks and family. We ate stropwafels and krokets and drank coffee and beer exclusively. We had a spectacular time.

And now, we're home. Along with t-shirts, mugs and Belgian chocolate, Justin & I have tried to bring home a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity. We've been looking at our city with fresh eyes. In Holland I started thinking some disparaging thoughts about Toronto. I thought, sure, we have arts and entertainment and food, but where's the beauty? And, you know, I've been seeing it. Justin and I walked through a nearby neighbourhood the other day and enjoyed looking at the houses and gardens just as we did those in Holland. And when we flew over our city, we noticed how many trees are here too.

I've also been really enjoying regular, unextraordinary life. It's kind of nice to just make those meals that we've grown so accustomed to or to go to my regular coffee shop or to have a cuddle with my cats. It's nice to just spend some time in my beat-up computer chair and catch up with what's going on with my blog friends. It's even nice to putter about the house, cleaning and tidying our very own corner of the world.


Sacred Suzie said...

Awww, what a great post! I loved it. I know what you mean, sometimes you just gotta decompress and re-see the world around you after you get home from a trip. There's beauty everywhere, it's just different.

Welcome home Jamie, we missed you.


Laini Taylor said...

Jamie, I know just how you feel: it can be a little underwhelming returning to the architecture of North America after a trip to Europe, but there really is no place like home. I love leaving for a trip, and I love coming home from a trip (with the exception of the doggy smell in the house from the dogsitters not airing the place out in our absence!). And travel is really good for giving you new eyes for everything, even the stuff you know best. Welcome home!

chest of drawers said...

You have bought back with you the best gift you can find on a holiday - a new perspective. Thankyou so much for letting us in on all that you saw on your trip, I really enjoyed it!

megg said...

And it's very very nice to know that you are home safe! I'm glad you are keeping your holiday perspective, and enjoying your home as well. And MmmmMMMmmmMMmmmmm stropwafels!! xoxo

Shannon said...

Great post, and GREAT pic!!! OMG you two look sooooo happy & relaxed :)

Getting a pic of Jinx in a 'non action shot' is quite a feat! I'm impressed. Actually, for you too! hehe

John Tran said...


A house older than Canada itself brings great perspective on things!

Welcome home...