Monday, May 01, 2006

Let's Dance!

(Painting by Shannon)

Is Your Spirit Yearning to Dance?
You are invited to a Virtual Dance Party.
Today celebrate life by dancing
for 15 minutes anywhere!

Have you heard the call? Over the past several months I've heard a ripple, a wave, a roar of people around the world whose spirits are aching to dance. So I'm inviting us all to join together today and take 15 minutes out of our lives to shimmy, jump, wiggle, hustle, bump, just generally shake our groove things. It doesn't have to be a pretty dance. It doesn't have to be a graceful dance. It just has to be yours!

Dance at dawn or at dinner ~ Dance in your bedroom or the boardroom ~ Dance with your magnificent self, with friends or with your kids ~ Dance to disco, punk or the symphony ~ Dance in a funky new suit or your birthday suit

It doesn't matter why, how, where or with whom.

Today's the day!

Add your energy to the dance!

I'd love to hear from you what the experience was like.
If you email me pictures of your dance or where you danced, I'll post them


chest of drawers said...

We all danced together in the kitchen to Ronda Shephard´s music from Ally McBeal...the kids lasted one song but Erich and I enjoyed the 15 mintues plus a little more. Lovely!!!

melba said...

I thought today was April 30th. I am always getting my days confused. and we were dancing to this show High-5 that is on the discovery kids channel and I thought oh, tomorrow is the big day for Jamie. So when i clicked on your blog I realized today is the big day!
We will dance some more later, in your honor, and I will take some pictures to share with you.
Shine on Jamie, have an amazing day dancing away!

vern said...

So, I had it all planned: I'd gently sway to something slow and spacey, maybe the Dead's "Dark Star" or Pink Floyd's "Echoes," and it'd (literally) be no sweat.

Then I have this dream last night that I'm at Woodstock, bopping like a fiend to Sly & The Family Stone, then Jefferson Airplane. "How wonderful," I tell myself in the dream. "Now that I'm doing this in the dream world, I won't have to do it for real tomorrow."

Of course, a playful sense of guilt gets the best of me when "tomorrow" comes. So, I put on my Woodstock CDs and boogie for real to that killer Sly medley, followed by The Who. By then, my fifteen minutes are up and I'm exhausted. Switch over to Disc 3 and the Airplane (my favourite) comes on, but by now I'm too tired. Never too wiped to sing along, though ... so I do.

Ever the musician, it helps to sing and pretend I'm playing while dancing. It took me a few minutes to get into it (I felt rather stiff at the start), but once I got going, it was kinda ... liberating. Having said that, I was most grateful that no one could see me, not even my cat. He hid under the bed. Smart boy.

Shannon said...

Woohoo to Dancing!!!

Very impromtu for me, ended up dancing in the shower to the Live-to-Air Retro Sunday (after midnight=May 1) broadcast on CFNY. Talk about memories! It was a beautfiul set of songs including:

Unbelieveable - EMF
Head Like a Hole - NIN
some long winded Depeche Mode remix (aka time to do a tour of other floors/grab beer/refresh lipstick)
I Need You Tonight - INXS
and the 'Everytime I See You Falling, I Get Down on my Knees and Pray' song - I have no idea who the artist is.

Was a wonderful time :)

vern said...

Bizarre Love Triangle -- New Order (great song!)

Sacred Suzie said...

I danced my butt off to Green Day's new album, so much fun! Thanks for the inspiration Jamie.

Cate said...

Oh, Jamie, I'm a day late here but soooo looked forward to "Let's Dance" day! We'll do it tonight--better late than never--before we put the boys to bed! Just downloaded a bunch of fun, new songs--I'm looking forward to it! Thanks for coming up with such an energizing, great idea! xo

Heather said...

What a super idea, I LOVE dancing, me and the kids have "dance time" nearly everyday. I missed your offical "virtual dance party" but \ill be shaken by bootie here anyway!!