Saturday, April 29, 2006

Appreciating Week 17

Saturday: We went to the gallery opening of a show of one of Shannon's dear friends, Danette Relic at the Eastern Front Gallery. Her work is wonderful, and she's a beautiful person. A few years ago we went to a show of hers, and I spent the entire time in tears I was so touched. Justin bought me this beautiful painting of hers from that show. It is exciting to watch her work as the years go by.

Sunday: We celebrated with our dear friend Vern the major progress he's made on the book he's writing. With his tales, photos and map, Vern took us on his journey across Canada. A particular favourite moment was discovering that there is such a thing as a polar bear jail! And we enjoyed all this while eating great vegetarian Chinese cooking at Simon's Wok. I still can't get over how good the rice with olive leaves was.

Monday: For the first time ever, I ordered some seeds, some bulbs and even a perennial root. The latter two arrived from McFayden Seed Company Monday. (I had received my seeds a while ago. They're sprouting!) But this was my much anticipated white bleeding heart root and my lily bulbs. I was completely nervous about how to plant them and left them in this box until I could talk to my mom.

Tuesday: Now, I'm starting to have sneaky suspicion that as we move into May a lot of my appreciations will be about the garden. On Tuesday I saw that our local garden centre actually had some stock coming in. I was like a little kid at Christmas. How many more days do I have to wait until they're open?

Wednesday: I had a great day filled with a lot of coaching. And at the end of my work day I had time to go in the garden and do some cleaning and some planting. I have planted my white bleeding heart and here it is. I actually have no idea if it's planted correctly. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping that life finds a way.

Thursday: The highlight of the day was meeting up with Beansprout at a local coffee shop and how she generously gave me this beautiful book of poetry, which inspired my contribution for Poetry Thursday .

Friday: Shannon and I went to her new apartment, took measurements and had serious interactions with paint chips. It looks like colours have been chosen! Afterwards we went out for a great bite to eat and then realized we could take the streetcar all the way to a subway stop near me. Though there was some construction that threw off our plans, it was cool to realize that's a way we can connect once she's moved.

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Sacred Suzie said...

Art, poetry and flowers... there is a lot to appreciate isn't there? You have such a full life Jamie, it's all so wonderful.

I'm so happy there's an easier way for you and Shannon to get to each other in her new home.